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Electrification of furniture

What do you need? From one management table to hundreds of workstations on bench, built-in or on desk, at IBConnect we can do it all. In addition, many of our products can be made to measure and configured to your needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us, we will always be happy to advise you.

  • IBConnect Supra SUPRA On desk connectivity
  • Prisma IBConnect Prisma Work & close
  • Box | IB Connect Box Open and connect
  • Cap | IBConnect Cap More than just concealing
  • Cubo In line connection
  • BIT Compact multifunction
  • Orbit Top IBConnect ORBIT Essential and discreet
  • Atom - IBConnect ATOM Compact versatility
  • UNIT | IBConnect Unit Multifunction connection dock
  • Intro2.0 IBConnect Intro2.0 Built-in design connection
  • Top | IB Connect Top Functionality and elegance
  • Meeting | IBConnect Meeting Maximum integration
  • Lumen | IBConnect Lumen More than just lighting