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Functionality and elegance
Electrified box with automatic elevation for management work environments.



Reduced visual impact due to customisation of cover finishing with the material left over from cutting the table to install the Top box.

To facilitate installation, plastic frames are supplied to cover the cuts made in the table and save on edging.

Precise and quietness vertical elevation. It is opened and closed by means of an electronic device controlled by a pushbutton integrated in the cover.


  • Management tables.
  • Meeting tables.
  • Hotel conference rooms.


  • Power sockets, USB chargers, data and multimedia totally wired internally with visible access installed for quick connection.
  • Electrical supply through built-in male rapid connector.
  • For tables thicknesses of 25 to 40 mm. For thicker tables, create a recess in the table.
  • Cover is 5mm thick.

Technical specifications

  • Supply for lifting device through the same input as sockets.
  • Synchronous bi-directional motor.
  • Voltage 230v/50Hz
  • Condenser 0.12 microfarads/400Vca
  • Absorbed power 4W/VA
  • Motor temperature limit -10ºC +55ºC
  • Motor protection IP50
  • Minimum inversion pause: 0,1s.
  • Safe electronic closing system, with regulation of anti-trapping sensitivity.
  • Activation by means of highly sensitive membrane button.

Dimensions of the table cut

Details that make us different

  • Compatible Compatible with "Ultra-Compact USB Smart Charging System" up to 60W.



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Top installed on a management table.


TOP, downloads:


Caja electrificación modelo TOP formada por:
Marco embellecedor para corte mesa con tapa superior preparada para recubrir.
Elevación cuerpo electrificaciones motorizada con accionamiento mediante botón luminoso.
Kit electrificación formada por los siguientes elementos:
  • 3 tomas de corriente negras totalmente cableadas.
  • 1 USB de carga tipo A de 5/10W + 1 USB de carga tipo C de 15W.
  • 2 conectores RJ45 cat6 hembra/hembra.
Todas las conexiones van totalmente cableadas interiormente a sus correspondientes entradas.
Entrada de corriente por conector rápido macho empotrado en la carcasa exterior.
Referencia: 54203037
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